O&O DiskImage

O&O DiskImage Express Edition 3.0.730

Simple tool to create and recover disk images


  • Incredibly simple to use
  • Creates and restores images


  • Does not allow you to restore images in this test version

Not bad

Creating disk images is the easiest way to back up and restore lost data or just to give you peace of mind.

The problem is that usually, such software is not that straightforward, such as Norton Ghost, which does a thorough job but isn't exactly the easiest program to use. O&O DiskImage meanwhile is a free software that enables you to image your entire computer and restore single drives in relatively few steps.

O&O DiskImage allows you to image all drives including drive information and system partitions but it can also be used to restore just single drives. It's the ease of use that really appeals about O&O DiskImage though. It's divided into two simple functions - create an image and restore an image. You can also check for image information and updates for O6O DiskImage. However, you won't be able to restore with this version - you'll need to upgrade to the Professional, Workstation or Server Edition of O&O DiskImage to do that.

O6O DiskImage is one of the easiest disk imaging programs you will use and is a great starting point for imaging beginners.

O&O DiskImage


O&O DiskImage Express Edition 3.0.730

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